About Us


My love for photography started when my granny gave me my first film camera  – a little Samsung.
Over the years my love for photography has just grown and I bought my first DSLR
the year I registered to study photography. My passion revealed itself in wedding photography
and I started shadowing other photographers as a second shooter.
Towards the end of my first year of studies, I met the man I love, Marco 🙂 …


Our love of photography drew us closer together, and ever since, he has been a blessing to me.
We have been shooting together since. .
In 2014 we decided to merge our companies into Mi-Co Photography.


Today, we are working together as a husband and wife team.
Being Tauranga wedding photographers are both privileges and blessings to us.
Thus far it has given us the gift of understanding people
and the ability to travel trough some of the most beautiful places on earth.
It gives us great joy to tell the story of others visually and we would love to capture your story
and turn it into your lifetime memories.